Choosing Flooring

For most homeowners, choosing the right kind of flooring is by far the most confusing of tasks ( There are so many options available, and each one is better than the other. In such a scenario, ascertaining which kind of flooring will be apt for your house can be tricky.

Having said this, the fact can’t also be denied that timber flooring in Wollongong is by far the most preferred choice for most homeowners ( But then again, flooring is a subjective choice. This means that timber flooring might be suitable for one’s house while not being so for other’s house.

Even so, many people have many questions about timber flooring, and it’s high time we get some answers, don’t you think?

Some of the questions which most people commonly ask are:-

Why should I opt for timber floors?

Well, there are several reasons why timber flooring is way better than its counterparts. Some of the reasons are:-

  • Long lasting & durable
  • Extremely easy to clean
  • Made of natural materials and resemble in its look
  • Available in a variety of designs and patterns

Are timber floors incredibly expensive?

Yes, compared to other options like carpets or vinyl flooring in Wollongong, hardwood timber floors are expensive. But when you consider the fact that these floors are going to serve you for decades to come, it’ll be a very good investment on your part.

How long do these floors last?

The best part about timber flooring is that they are extremely durable in nature. If you can maintain them well, they will last for decades, even a generation.

Will I get any guarantees on the floor?

Now, this is completely up to the company which is installing the floors. Some companies do provide guarantees while some don’t. Make sure to ask the company you are hiring well beforehand about any guarantees.

Does the quality of these floors degrade over time?

Just like any other perishable item, timber floors too will fade over time but the time is usually in decades ( If you want to ensure that this doesn’t happen and your floor looks just as new, you can always cover it up with rugs so that it doesn’t come in contact with direct sunlight.

Will all my floors look the same?

Identical patterns are usually associated with floors which are artificially made which timber floors aren’t. Timber floors are made from natural a material which is why each plank will be different from the other, and this is quite a fascinating aspect of these floors.

Why isn’t solid hardwood timber easily available?

There’s a very valid reason for it. Solid timber is derived from trees which are a century old. Obviously, you won’t be getting such trees that easily. Moreover, due to the ever-growing rate of deforestation, more and more people are inclining towards engineered timber floors because it’s not solid wood and doesn’t harm the trees much.