Tips On Caring For Your Jewellery

Tips On Caring For Your Jewellery

Buying jewelry is a very rewarding experience. Enter the jewellery shop, (sando) observe all the beautiful elements, choose this unique item, in which suddenly you can not live without it, and leave with a wonderful bag that contains your precious purchase, maybe a diamond bracelet and the first time use it, do it. You feel special, there’s nothing like that. So, what is the best way to take care of my jewellery?

General Wear and Tear

Some of your jewellery will be used only on special occasions and will not be subject to the rigours of daily life, such as a diamond earring or a diamond bracelet, but other parts will be used daily and, therefore,  will suffer minor damage, some of which can be reduced by wearing gloves or removing the item. especially the rings, when working with chemical products or cleaning agents, participating in strenuous activities or using machines, in addition, intense sunlight and heated pools and spa can also damage your parts, so it is best to eliminate them.


Even if you regularly remove your jewellery to protect it from daily use, the fact of using your item will cause it to collect oils and waste from the skin, dust and lint from the Environment and other items, so you will have to clean them from time to time. when. Your jewellery to avoid getting worse. The best way to clean jewellery is to heat the water with a little dishwashing detergent, rinse well and then use a cloth to polish them. If you have jewellery with many small diamonds, you may need a very soft cleaning brush, but be careful not to loosen or remove the stones.

Professional service

Depending on the frequency of use of the item, either daily or only on special occasions, you must regularly clean and maintain the jewellery by a professional jewellery company ( Not only do they have specialized equipment to remove small dents in the metal and polishing equipment to restore the product to a “new” condition, but also to verify that the claws are in good condition, especially useful for an item such as a diamond bracelet that You can catch clothes. and they will do all the repair work to make sure you do not lose one of these precious stones.